Building a Successful Practice: It Begins and Ends with Getting Your Client’s Info Right

Building a Successful Practice: It Begins and Ends with Getting Your Client’s Info Right

We are all familiar with the phrase popularized in the computer science industry “garbage in is garbage out.”  The value of good data holds true in the financial services industry as well, as it is the cornerstone for building successful financial plans.  We use it to establish client relationships, analyze and design solutions, and provide ongoing advice. When a financial plan fails, is it because the client’s information being used was “garbage,” or was it just incomplete and inaccurate?

Unfortunately, the end-result is the same – an unsustainable financial plan constructed from a fragmented approach, which ultimately leads to client dissatisfaction. The consequences of “garbage in” strain the long-term client relationship, often leading clients to search for a new adviser. Building and maintaining a successful practice begins and ends with getting the client’s information right in the beginning and keeping it updated with the least amount of the adviser’s time.

Over my 25 years as a financial adviser and advanced case planner, I searched for the right tool or software system that would allow me to optimize my planning firm – client onboarding procedures, back-office operations, and compliance. I was looking for a complete technology platform that would automate my office and then integrate with the other tools I use.  It didn’t exist, so I built it.

LifeArcPlan™ equips the adviser with a cloud-based data-gathering tool that allows their prospects and/or client(s) to provide their personal information either at the adviser’s office or from the comforts of their own home through a secure platform. Through dynamic and intuitive questions, the user is guided with ease through each planning area of their life: investment, cash flow, and income, social security, tax, education, healthcare, personal care, charitable, estate planning, and wealth transfer planning. But it is much more than a just a data-gathering tool, it is a complete practice management efficiency system.

Three Proven Ways LifeArcPlan™ Assists in Building Successful Practices

Deepening Client Relationships – Clients choose to do business with advisers they personally like and trust. They stay with those advisers because of the positive experience they encounter by:

  • Utilizing Quantitative and Qualitative questioning, the LifeArcPlan™ survey intuitively takes a deeper dive into the client’s persona in relation to their life-driven objectives and goals.
  • Remaining connected…Exceed client’s expectations with 24/7 virtual communication availability. LifeArcPlan™ enables the client and the adviser to communicate through the internal, archived chat feature.
  • Accessing the Client Portal enables the client to make the necessary changes to their “living, breathing document” as life unfolds.

Standardizing Operational Procedures
– Clients want to know what to expect.  Advisers that use a well-defined, client-centric approach are more likely to exceed client expectations resulting in measurable growth and client retention.

  • Eliminate errors, inconsistencies, and misunderstandings by managing systems, not people.
  • Leveraging an easy-to-use platform with convenient access portals for both the Client and Adviser, providing immediate access to information.
  • Adding a document vault that manages real-time secure document sharing, archiving, and retrieval.

A well-defined, standardized approach creates an efficient practice environment that allows the adviser to do more with less…less money and time


Multi-disciplined Planning Approach – The lives of our clients are complex and dynamic – always changing. The client’s financial plan should be the same – dynamic and complete – looking at all facets of their life, considering all areas of concern, and how each may cross-correlate and impact one another.

  • Identifying how each of the planning areas may have a positive or negative impact on another area.
  • Identifying problem solving and financial literacy opportunities for your clients.
  • Identifying the best interest solutions.

Bottom line…garbage in is garbage out. Complete and accurate information is the linchpin to building successful and sustainable financial plans and creating satisfied clients. Satisfied clients equal a growing and consistent growth trajectory. Leverage LifeArcPlan™ to optimize your office procedures and increase efficiency toward a more successful practice.


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